A Confession for the UCA

Gathered in Melbourne for a 40 hour prayer meeting with the Moderators and General Secretaries of the Uniting Church In Australia to launch the 40th Anniversary of the UCA.

The UCA was officially launched as the uniting of three denominations in Australia (Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational) on June 22, 1977

I read this as I began to pray. It was a lament, a confession of where we had gone wrong.

Another 20 years on … reflections by Davis McCaughey 20 years ago ..
1. what we may have inadequately appreciated was that the governance by inter-related councils was not intended to be an ecclesiastical expression of populist democracy.
2. We made a mistake in assuming that Minister of the Word, would be recognised as Minister of Word AND Sacrament.
3. We have neglected to recognise that ministers have the leadership responsibility to hold the congregation together in the healthy and obedient ways of the gospel
4. We have not encouraged candidates for ministry to offer when young. We must and should expect great things from them.
5. We must give our ministers time to pray and there needs to be a praying group supporting the minister.
Perhaps prayer alone will be enough, he says.

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