I have something to tell you …

I have something to tell you

A woman came to the house where Jesus was. She was weeping and her tears wet Jesus’ feet. She dried the Lord’s feet with her hair and then poured perfume from an alabaster jar over his feet. The Pharisee, whose house it was, was shocked … “Does He not know what kind of woman this is?”

She was a prostitute. The jar of perfume was the telltale sign. Of course Jesus knew that – he did not object to her tears or the caresses of her hair. It seems that He loved the fact that she poured out her perfume on His feet, certainly He appreciated it. And He heard the disgusted whisper of Simon …

Jesus speaks, “Simon, I have something to tell you … two people owed money to the same person. One owed two years salary, the other only two months salary. Neither of them could repay their debt, so the money lender forgave them both. Which one appreciated it more?”

“No doubt, Lord, the one who owed more.”

“Simon, this woman has lost everything … she has turned to prostitution so that she could live. She could never hope to buy her freedom, but she has given everything she has left to Me. You have much but you gave Me nothing. So while both of you are forgiven, she has appreciated it more.”

And Jesus says to you and I … “I have something to tell you … I love you with an everlasting love, I have bought your freedom with my love; I hope that you value it.”

Do you have something to tell Jesus?

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