I am a Jesus-follower because ..

its the best possible way to live…

I’m convinced that murder is not good while not being angry with my brother is good.

I’m convinced that it is a good thing to be faithful to my wife and that looking at a woman lustfully is not a good thing.

I’m convinced that keeping an oath is good and that holding to my word is even better.

I’m convinced that revenge gains nothing.

I’m convinced that being generous is a really good way to live. 

I’m convinced that it is better to love my enemy than to hate him.

I’m convinced that prayer changes my heart.

I’m convinced that forgiveness will bring peace into my heart.

I’m convinced that I can trust God to provide for me without me worrying about it.

I’m convinced that judging others does nothing for me.

I’m convinced that doing for others what I would have them do for me is the best way to live.

(From The sermon on the mount: Matthew 5,6,7. Inspired by Rob Bell in his book “Velvet Elvis”)

One Comment on “I am a Jesus-follower because ..”

  1. tamela says:

    This is great, thanks Dave! Puts words to how I feel about my faith, thanks for sharing!

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