The Kingdom of Heaven

Evening Devotions November 3rd      Matthew 13:44-52

The Kingdom of Heaven is like …..

  • treasure hidden in a field
  • a merchant looking for pearls
  • a net that was let down into the lake

“Have you understood these things?” asked Jesus.

“Yes,” replied the disciples.

Well, have you, my dear reader, understood what the Kingdom of Heaven is like? Think on these things ….

A treasure hidden in a field? Oh, I understand about finding that treasure and about the treasure seeker selling everything he had to buy that field in order to get ownership of the treasure hidden there. Anyone would do that if they knew what the treasure was. But what is the treasure? And who hid it there?

A merchant looking for pearls? This too I understand. He finds one of great value, sells everything he has and buys the pearl. What is the pearl? Is it the same as the treasure? If ownership of the pearl (or the field) costs you everything you have, what is its value?

A net let down into the lake to catch all kinds of fish. When the net was full the fisherman sorted through the fish and threw the bad away. This is the judgement at the end of the age. OK, I get the “judgement” bit but why does the net (which is the Kingdom of Heaven) allow the bad fish in, in the first place? Could it be that the Kingdom is now?

Don’t go on until you have pondered over these thoughts ….

Jesus’ closing remarks to the disciples confession of understanding what the Kingdom of Heaven is like as recorded in The Message reads “Therefore you are like the owner of a general store who can put his hands on anything you need, old or new, exactly when you need it.”  If you have pondered and answered my questions above and now feel that you understand what the Kingdom of Heaven is like, then what does this mean for you? What is the stock of the general store? And what does it mean that you can lay your hands on anything as you need it?

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