The problem of pre-conception

Evening Devotions October 23rd Jeremiah 11:18-23; Matthew 13:53-58

It is still the Feast of St James, the brother of our Lord. This morning I wrote about the struggle of conversion, specifically the way that your old community see you. Their view has not changed, you are still you and they will not accept any form of transformation. It must have really been difficult for James to make the radical transformation to become a follower of Jesus.

Tonight’s reading continue that theme but from the viewpoint of the old community. Jeremiah was not accepted in Jerusalem, only tolerated and at every opportunity he was trashed. Jesus was not accepted in His hometown either. The truth is that in both cases it was not the person who was rejected but the message. Jerusalem would not accept Jeremiah’s message that the people would be taken away into exile because of their sin. Jesus did not do many miracles in Nazareth because of “their lack of faith”.  

In both instances the old community would not accept the new message because they didn’t expect to hear it from the bearer of the message. How often do we not believe because we have a preconceived notion about someone or something? We need to ask God to open our eyes to new things and the grand vistas which He sets before us. And we need to ask Him to take the scales of the eyes of those who think that they know us and will therefore not accept that God can change us.

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