Music but no dancing

Evening Reading October 17th Matthew 11:7-15

Several years ago I suggested to the minister of the only other church in town that our congregations should have a get together, perhaps a combined service once in a while, or barbeque or sausage sizzle. (Actually it did not include the latter which are not part of South African culture; rather it was a braai {a sort of oversized barbeque on a real fire with huge steaks, miles of real beef sausage and loads of stiff corn porridge} or a potjie {meat stew cooked in a cast iron pot over an open fire with hefty helpings of red wine and vegetables, in that order} but I am in Australia now and no-one would understand the real thing {even with the description – you gotta be there!}) 

Sorry I got sidetracked there ….

Anyway the suggestion was that we come together from time to time. He responded with a no and quoted the words that Jesus used in this text. “We played the flute for you and you did not dance” saying that I might accuse him of not wanting to dance but actually the congregation had another mission on their agenda. I was saddened by his response but I understood where he was coming from. That congregation was trying really hard to connect to a black  congregation of their own denomination in a township nearby. They really did have another agenda and it really may have been more important than connecting with us.

From that time the text had stuck in my mind – not in connection with my erstwhile colleague – but in the context Jesus used it. He plays the music but we are not dancing. Where is the joy of our salvation? Why does the good news not fill our mouths with laughter? Too many Christians are walking around with their heads down and their eyes and ears closed. We are a sombre lot. Lets get some of that life which Jesus promised!!!

Jesus is all about life.

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