Psalm 34

This is the Morning Psalm Lectionary Reading for October 13 2009

My thoughts were focused on verse 11 – Come, my children, listen to me: I will teach you the fear of the Lord. The psalmist goes to to identify those who would know the fear of the Lord as also being those who love life and desire to see many good days. Interesting concept, lets turn it around … Those who love life and who desire many good days are those who know or who want to know the fear of the Lord.

Aha! So then what is “the fear of the Lord.”

The psalmist identifies three behavioural characteristics of those who “fear the Lord.”

  1. They keep their tongue from evil and their lips from lies – their character is one of honesty and integrity
  2.  They turn from evil and do good – their hearts are repentant
  3.  They seek peace and pursue it – they look for the shalom of God and it becomes their goal.

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