We arrived in Perth on Wednesday afternoon July 22nd at about 1pm. The plane was early but waiting for us were Kobus & Sal from Merredin and Margie’s sister Susan and her son. It was good to touch the ground again and to see familiar faces. We praise God for the way in which He has had this whole adventure planned for us. The processes for immigration just happened, there was never a hitch – except for our own doubt from time to time, I suppose.

It has taken a while to get acclimatized into the new timezone. We had to rush around the first day getting Medicare sorted out, bank accounts finalised and to get new sim cards for our mobiles. The day was long but despite that we still woke up at 6am South African time ie midnight WA on Friday morning. Steve came to see us on his way to Emmaus and Margie prepared lunch for us all. After lunch we had to rush Susan to the airport to get the flight to Dubai/Morocco.

A couple of things to do on Saturday morning and then watched the Dockers/Eagles Derby. Took a while to begin to figure out how the game is played (still need to talk to someone who knows) but enjoyed it. Figured it was a good game until I read the Sunday Times this morning and read the crits. Seems it was an awful match. Oh well, it was close, exciting and very entertaining. I enjoyed it!

Had thought of driving out to Merredin this morning but our body clocks were still not right so we ended up at the South Mandurah Uniting Church. Lots of familiar faces and a good message from Ian Pearce. I loved the worship – Luke Williams leads with some pretty up to date music. He is brilliant, I just love the way he draws us into the Presence of the Lord so that our singing becomes a whispered love song right into the heart of God. Last time we were here he preached as well – a stirring sermon on the plans which God has for His church. He closed that sermon with a stirring rendition of “Be still my soul” which had the whole congregation in tears. I’ll never forget it – The Lord has major plans for this man.

Today was a quiet day – watched “A night with the king”, Tommy Tenney’s story about Esther. Amazing story, isn’t it? It made me think about how often we want to do things for God and actually forget to find out if He actually wants us to do them before we plunge in to it. God is sovereign, He has absolutely everything under control – He doesn’t need us but He welcomes our willing hearts. And when we have gone off on a tangent, He doesn’t just write us off – He simply uses the tangent to achieve what He wants from a different angle. I am constantly amazed at His patience with me.

Now that we have arrived in Australia, I think that I am going to change the approach to this blog, so don’t be surprised if you come here one day to find it totally different.

We are planning to come out to Merredin on Thursday, once we have figured out some transport  for ourselves. We have Susan’s car at the moment but Margie will have to come back to Mandurah to look after the cat and the house while Susan is away. She will come up to Merredin for the weekends.

4 Comments on “Arrived…”

  1. Hi there Dave!
    I wanted to get in touch with you because I was just so grateful to hear that you had made a pastoral visit to my grandma, Morelle Phipson. She passed last night, and has left a huge hole in all of our lives. She wrote about your visit a couple weeks ago and how it had comforted her to know that she was covered by the Lord’s feathers, and it comforted me to know you had been there for her. Thank you so much.
    In tracking you down, I see you have just arrived in my old stomping ground of Western Australia! My family is still over there, in Perth and Albany, though I am now in America with my husband. I loved living in that part of the world and miss it very much. I have loved catching up on yours and Margie’s news through your blog, and will pray that you get settled in quickly and smoothly into your new home.
    Many blessings,
    Tamela (nee Phipson)

  2. Mark E says:

    Welcome to Perth David.
    couple of things you need to know….
    1. The Sunday Times is not a reputable paper when it comes to sports journalism! 🙂
    2. The Eagles are the team you support if you are a chardonny sipping person from the upper side of town.
    3. The Dockers are the team you support if you are a passionate football supporter.
    4. Dont listen to Dave Quinn when it comes to football, he is terribly biased. 🙂
    5. Enjoy your time in Merredin, and God bless your ministry!

  3. Dave Q says:

    Hi David,
    I see Mark E got in before me. I was going to warn you about him and the Dockers too 🙂


  4. David Williams says:

    Hello David & Margie,
    Firstly thank you for your amazing comments on 26/7 about worshipping at South Mandurah U/C and about Luke.
    Something that you probably do not know is that Luke has just submitted his application for Candidture for Minister of The Word with the UCA.
    We will find out within the next few months if he is accepted.
    God willing he will be.
    I was working from home on Monday (which is unusual) and was talking to Luke about you and jumped on the Merredin site which lead us to your blog.
    I was blown away by your comments, even despite the fact that Lukes passion for God and call to serve are evident to many of us here.
    The encouragement and support he receives from people like yourself is amazing.

    Secondly, i see from your comments that Margie will be in Mandurah during the week for a while.
    Not sure for how long but if i can be of any assistance please don’t hesitate to give me a ring or email.

    Emails –

    Tel. 0439958230 or home 95823071

    God Bless
    David Williams

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